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Facebook says I have 808 friends. Others have 5000 friends on Facebook. For me, even this 808 number seems strange. Firstly, a friend is much more for me, and I can count my friends just by using my fingers. I consider my Facebook friends pals, and people that inspire or inspired me in a way or another. So, I’m wondering, who are the Facebook Friends I’d like to keep? For 30 days I will try to analyse my friend list, remove friends or send them a message.

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FFILK РDay 4 РResults:  unfriend: 26; friends: 0;

80 Unfriend
81 Unfriend
82 Unfriend
83 Unfriend
84 Unfriend
85 Unfriend
86 Unfriend
87 Unfriend
88 Unfriend
89 Unfriend
90 Unfriend
91 Unfriend
92 Unfriend
93 Unfriend
94 Unfriend
95 Unfriend
96 Unfriend
97 Unfriend
98 Unfriend
99 Unfriend
100 Unfriend
101 Unfriend
102 Unfriend
103 Unfriend
104 Unfriend
105 Unfriend

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Facebook Friends I'd like to keep